We are Southwark Construction, Southwark Council’s homebuilding department. Our vision is to provide thousands of new, high quality council homes through a financially sustainable programme that demonstrates excellent value for money.

We put our residents at the heart of everything we do – especially when we build new homes. Thoughtful, contemporary designs, sustainable buildings and an abundance of green spaces ensure that we build homes residents are proud to live in, in one of London’s most vibrant, diverse and exciting boroughs.

Our commitment to high design standards, developed by working closely with local residents, ensure that we provide quality, long-lasting homes that reflect our residents’ needs and wishes and enhance the character of our local neighbourhoods.

We are proud to be one of the largest local authority homebuilders in the country, and we are proud of each and every one of these homes, which are vital foundations of our communities.

We are looking for talented, capable and hard-working colleagues to join our team in a variety of roles.

As part of Southwark Construction, you will join a network of experienced and capable housing professionals whose achievements have positioned Southwark Council as one of the largest local authority homebuilders in the country. According to UK Government data, of 2,234 council homes started nationally in 2021/22, 726 were in Southwark, meaning that Southwark has the largest council homes building programme in the country.

Southwark Construction met its target of starting 2,500 new council homes in May 2022 and has plans to build 1,000 more by 2026. But these homes are so much more than just numbers. Each and every one of these homes represents a life-changing opportunity for someone in housing need in our borough – families with enough space to raise their children, older people with access to a supportive, caring network, adults and children with extra care needs having the amenities they need in their home. Homes are the foundation of our society, and by joining our team you will be playing a key role in supporting our communities to thrive in everything they do.

And it’s not just residents who are supported to thrive – we value, support and advance our staff in a friendly and professional working environment. Southwark Construction offers exciting career development opportunities with a comprehensive training and development programme, ensuring staff are supported to achieve their ambitions and true potential. Formal and on-the-job training, coaching and networking is central to team development providing opportunity for personal growth and enabling Southwark to learn from best practice across the sector. Flexible working arrangements, generous annual leave entitlement and an opportunity to join the largest pension fund in London are other attractive benefits enjoyed by our staff.

Southwark Construction team members will have the opportunity to form professional relationships with a wider network of housing professionals as part of the Mayor of London backed Future of London network, the Local Government Association, and the council’s close working relationship with the Greater London Authority. Southwark’s prominent position in the local authority development space has been recognised with a number of awards including Inside Housing’s Best Development Team in London award and the Best Affordable Housing Development award.

If being part of an award-winning local authority development team which truly makes a difference to people’s lives sounds inspiring to you, please explore our job vacancies here.

We look forward to meeting interested candidates and welcoming new additions to our team.

Stuart Davis,
Managing Director, Southwark Construction